Female VS Male Alcoholism

Female Bodies Reaction To Alcohol

Alcoholism has a harmful impact on a person’s health and life regardless of whether they’re a man or women. It is true though that it can have different effects on men and women.

Even in tiny amounts alcohol affects female bodies differently. Experts often agree that bingeing or heavy drinking sessions put women at a much higher risk for health problems than men who do so. Women who drink face a different and unique set of issues than men.

Specific Issues Female Alcoholics Face:

● liver disease: women are more likely to die from liver problems or get alcoholic hepatitis

● heart disease: women are more at risk for heart issues because of alcoholism

● brain disease: women are more at risk for alcohol caused brain damage

● breast cancer:  a drink a day can increase the risk of women getting breast cancer

Female VS Male Alcoholism

It is actually true that it is twice as common in men to be an alcoholic than it is for women. It is also true that men are more at risk for developing alcoholism than women. That doesn’t change the issues women face though.

Body Mass

A woman who is a heavy drinker over a short period, like six years, shows more effects than a man who drinks for a decade or more. This is due to women having a smaller body mass than men which leads to more substantial levels of alcohol in their bloodstream.

This means their brain is exposed to alcohol before it has been broken down by the bodies systems. This leads to becoming drunk quicker and more effects over time. That is why women show the effects faster and have more health problems due to heavy drinking.

Women Who Have Long-Term Alcohol Abuse Develop:

● hypertension

● anemia

● malnutrition

● and certain cancers

All faster than men who drink the same amount. They can also develop:

● sleep issues

● depression

While men suffer mainly sexual related problems, such as:

● problems keeping erections

● problems ejaculating

● infertility

● less sexual desire

Clearly, both women and men suffer greatly from alcoholism, but there are different ways to approach treatment. Physical state, mental state, and life experiences often affect alcoholism. At Sober Women of La Crosse it is recognized that female alcoholics have a separate set of needs to be met.