Features and Facts of Female Alcoholism

Features and Facts of Female Alcoholism

While alcoholism has its dangers for males or females, females suffer from some higher risks than do males. They also face different stressors that lead to alcoholism as well. It is important to understand these factors as well as the risks in order to achieve recovery.


Male vs. Female effects of alcohol were discussed in a previous post: http://www.yves-rossy.com/2019/01/female-vs-male-alcoholism/. This post explains some of the major differences between the effects of alcohol on male and female bodies. Today we will discuss the effects of drinking alcohol on a woman’s body and some factors that attribute to your risk of developing a problem with alcohol.




Ethnicity can play a large part in a woman’s predisposition for alcoholism. Studies show that different ethnic groups have varying rates of alcoholism. These statistics include Hispanics, Caucasians, African Americans, among others. This is not to say that just because you are a certain ethnicity or a woman you are destined to be an alcoholic. Only that you face higher risks of becoming so.


Emotional Drinking


Along with ethnicity, emotional drinking plays a large factor in the rates of alcoholism in women. Some of these stresses include children, work, family, and many others. As these stresses increase so does the search for a way to avoid them. Which is one of the reasons for the wine mom stigma. Women deal with the stresses faced daily in many different ways. One of the methods chosen is to drink them away. This puts a woman at higher risk of developing a drinking problem to relieve these stresses. As the numbing effect is achieved these stresses are alleviated if only for a short time. Which leads to the desire to relieve the stress for longer periods of time. In choosing this method though women are opening themselves to other risks.


Higher Risks of Violence


Drinking causes risks for all involved. For women, these risks can cause them physical harm as well as emotional. This is because with being intoxicated one is less likely to take the care they would when sober. Others see women as targets in normal circumstances. This is intensified when alcohol is added to the mix. Opening women up to higher risks of sexual violence as well as physical violence. When intoxicated your inhibitions are lowered and the risk of harm increases accordingly.


Health Risks


Along with violence risks women face higher health risks with alcoholism as well. Some of these include higher risks of different types of cancer, liver damage, mental health conditions such as depression, and brain disease. These effects are more notable with advanced age.


Being a woman is hard enough. Adding alcoholism to the mix can cause further emotional issues that increase the desire to drink. It can also open one up to higher risks of physical and sexual violence not to mention the damages caused to your health. These are important reasons to seek help with this problem. Sober Women of La Crosse understands the special needs of women facing alcoholism and is ready to help you combat and overcome them.