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Sober Women Of La Crosse

The Sober Women of La Crosse is a resource center for women battling alcohol addiction in La Crosse, Wisconsin. We are a women-only facility to help with the specific trials faced by women who suffer alcohol addiction. Since 1998 we have helped women in our community find strength and resilience to overcome their struggles.

As a female only environment, we are well versed in the unique issues that surround female alcoholism. We take in women from all surrounding areas and strive to assist in their recovery. We use their resources to provide a compassionate and nonjudgmental space for alcoholic women.


The goals of the Sober Women of La Crosse is to help facilitate change and promote empowerment of women. We aim to give chances to women and change their lives through growth and hard work. It is only through commitment that one can truly grow and learn and we seek to help women along with their paths.

We wish to help prepare women to succeed after treatment and beyond. Sober life can be hard to start, and even more difficult to maintain. The Sober Women of La Crosse hopes to help transform the lives of women. We provide new strategies to bring sobriety to the forefront of their lives.

Why Women Only?

This is a women-only resource center because women face unique sets of circumstances combatting alcoholism. Treatment for women is catered to their wants and needs, interspersed with opportunities such as yoga class or other fitness style therapy. Women surrounded by other women can feel a sense of security they wouldn’t live in a co-ed space. It gives more room to expand specifically on the needs of one type of group.

A friendship between women is intense and personal. By giving this chance for women to be among themselves, there is more chance for them to grow and feel more at ease.