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What Is Female Alcoholism?

Female alcoholism is the struggle women face when addicted to the abuse of alcohol. Often this means binge drinking, which can lead to many health issues because women are smaller than can drink as much alcohol as a man but be impacted more.

Female alcoholism has been on the rise since the turn of the century. But even though this is so, women are less likely to seek help. That is because it can be shameful or taboo, especially for women.

What Services Are Offered?

Services that are offered are our inpatient treatment. There is individual therapy per request and required group therapy. Group therapy is considered essential and effective treatment.

Hearing the struggles that others go through helps tether women to their treatment. Finding a sense of friendship is important in recovery.

Detoxification is, of course, a whole part of the program. There is a team of counselors ready to assist with the effects of withdrawal. They are meant to help make it as comfortable an experience as possible.

Also offered are spa-like amenities. This includes yoga, massage therapy, and world-class food. These services help a woman to feel special and take the focus off the substance abuse for a moment.

What Is Considered Successful Treatment?

Successful treatment is not always easily defined. It depends on a woman’s personal goals. Obviously, abstinence is the most important goal. But where does it go from there? Abstaining should not be the sum of a woman’s time here.

Successful treatment is a woman feeling confident to leave our center. She feels refreshed and able to handle life without retreating to alcohol. Successful treatment is self-awareness and having learned techniques to handle the outside world.

Living a clean and sober life is possible. The Sober Women of La Crosse is just here to teach that truth.

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