For Women

After a few weeks in their Sober Living center, women are evaluated toward whether they’ve earned the privilege to use their luxury services. Generally, they have to have graduated past the first tier: having been at the Sober Women of La Crosse for two weeks and shown progress in group therapy sessions. There are also many different luxury services to experience. They aid women in the process of overcoming their addictions.

At the Sober Women of La Crosse, we seek to help women physically and emotionally. Mind, body, and spirit all need to be rejuvenated. This is why we employ various activities to help women feel at ease and home once more.

It is necessary for women to remember who they are, and how important it is to take care of themselves. Self-care is a huge part of the Sober Women of La Crosse. We teach it emphatically. Without self-care, it is so easy to fall back into the vicious cycle that is alcohol abuse. Women need to come together and experience these activities and companionship.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is well known to help aid issues with the mind, body, and spirit. Many women who enter our facilities feel a stark disconnect from their selves. Massage Therapy can help them feel ready to connect back to their bodies and feel whole again. It is essential to be able to feel relaxed again and know that alcohol isn’t always necessary.

A full relaxation experience is desired, so it imitates a regular spa. There is soothing music, aromatherapy, and they get to know their massage therapist. It helps to build the routine and let them get to know who they’re working with. It feels good to feel human and in control again.

Having this feel like more of a vacation at times can normalize the experience. There needs to be less shame and stigma for seeking help. At Sober Women of La Crosse, we attempt to make women feel as normal and healthy as possible.

Yoga Classes

Constant drug abuse can really do a number on your body. Women often come to the Sober Women of La Crosse either emaciated or just severely unhealthy. Part of retaking control of your life is starting healthy eating and exercise habits. Yoga is low intensity enough for beginners and is key for helping strengthen both the body and the mind. Many women need to relearn how to exercise their bodies healthily.

Yoga releases endorphins that the body needs to feel good, and can help teach calming exercises. It also can lower blood pressure, strengthen a heart, and otherwise help the body heal. It’s a way to strengthen the mind and give control back to an addict. Taking time to reflect and energize yourself if a wonderful way of recovering.

At Sober Women of La Crosse, we make sure each need is met. Specialized luxuries such as this make confident women know they are valued and remind them to appreciate themselves.

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Since 1998 we have helped women in our community find strength and resilience to overcome their struggles.