As per my view, Hungry Shark Evolution is an amazing free game that enables me to play as a shark in the ocean. The biggest goal in the game is to become the biggest shark by eating up the smaller fishes and escaping other sharks. This in turn helps me to unlock new places and new levels in the game. Till now, I am highly satisfied with the experience I obtained from the game. On the surface, I thought that the game is easy to play and it does not require much time or effort to master. However, as I started playing the game, I realized that lots of things are required for a game. In the course of time, I also started mastering the same.

I started by unlocking munchers of different sizes, and this involved lots of fun. It is no doubt true that lots of challenges are involved in the game. Precisely, as far as the controls are concerned, these are very easy. A floating joystick moves around and as soon as I tapped on the screen, the rechargeable boost is unleashed. Moreover, I also realized that as soon as I completed one challenge, I got some extra boosts. I had to eat a certain number of fish and swim over to a certain distance in order to accomplish my mission.


One of the prominent things that I would like to mention about my experience as a player is that I had to keep eating continuously in order to make sure that my health does not go down. The game is over, if I am unable to defend myself after being attacked or I do not have enough food. Collecting coins also helped me in this context because it charged my up and helped me for some time after it got activated. If you want to get bulk coins and gems in the game, you need to purchase them with your real money, But there is another way of getting them for free and it is risky as your account may get banned by it. This is nothing but using hungry shark world hack. I have never used it, but many of my friends have tried it.

I could spend the earnings not only on unlocking new sharks, but also on upgrading the sharks that I have with me. Moreover, I also had the opportunity to spend my earnings on buying different pieces of equipment so that it could boost to various attributes, as a whole. Therefore, the obvious question that would come to anyone’s mind is that whether it is worth playing and worth investing time and effort on it. Well, the answer to this question will be definitely yes because there is no energy system in the entire game. This is indeed a great thing about the game.

The maps available for the game are quite big, and it was fun discovering the hidden areas. By unlocking the larger sharks, enacting revenge on others is also great, and these things game me great experience playing the entire game. I had fun making my way through various locations and even sea beasts. The sea faring adventure experience along with the great sense of humor that I experienced is definitely appealing compared to many other free mobile games available today. Therefore, with a great user experience, I would recommend others to try playing the game, as well.