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 If you are one of the millions of people struggling with  alcohol addiction, you can find your recovery and rehabilitation options below.

Eventually, a woman who is suffering from alcoholism realizes they can’t do this anymore. They step up and seek help, and that is where the Sober Women of La Crosse comes in. It is their directive to help women without judgment learn to keep a better life.

This is why they have luxury services in their treatment centers.

Luxury services and specialized treatment do the job of making a woman feel at home. Starting a routine and a giving a strong sense of ‘normal’ help along the process of recovery. Recovery is the most important goal of the Sober Women of La Crosse.


Sober Women of La Crosse takes a more holistic approach to treatment. They offer a variety of experiences, such as:

  • Massage Therapy – helps to ease tension and reconnect women to their bodies
  • Yoga – assists in the recovery often necessary for bodies that are abused by alcohol
  • Catered Meals – eating properly helps a woman remember what it is like to have success in their daily life

When an inpatient of Sober Women of La Crosse, women are treated as the individual they are. They are given a choice of meals made onsite. They are also offered group and individual therapy. The most luxurious options are available for comfort and exercise.


With repeated substance abuse such as high amounts of alcohol, there grows a tolerance. Tolerance is when the body has had a substance build up in the system so that the user needs more of it to feel the effects. With that comes more massive use. Heavier use leads to the need for withdrawal.

Withdrawal is the body saying “Hey wait! I need this!” when a person suddenly stops abusing a substance. Withdrawal can be a painful and scary process. This is why a place like Sober Women of La Crosse is an excellent resource for recovery.

Detox starts from the moment a woman enters the facility. It also continues throughout their stay. Detoxification is the process of the body cleansing itself of the substance that has been abused. It’s returning the body to its natural state.

Women are never alone in this process. There is an individual to treat a client’s needs at any time. This is where the Sober Women of La Crosse’s resources come in handy.

Women are provided with comfortable living spaces. They are also given quality food to help their bodies recover from alcohol abuse.